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  Villanova Rugby Fall 2005 37th CEO/Hoes Sept 23rd
Summer Sept 22nd 35th Aug 20th River Party May 14th
36th and Spring May 8th 32nd and Pow Apr. 29th NOVAFEST 2005
Spring Fling Fri Apr 15 2005 Carnegie Mellon Carnival 2005 Spring Fling Thurs Apr 14 2005
32nd and Pow April 1st 35th Street April 1st 35th Street Feb 11th

Race Halloween Summer Halloween Road Trip to PSU Oct 23rd
Summer Street Sept 6th 34th and Spring Aug. 28th Random July 16th
Sevada's July 9th Senior Week June 11th Random June 5th
Steve-O's 22nd Bday 34th/Sprng Gdn. May 21st 34th and Powelton May 21st
Spring Jam '04 34th/Sprng Gdn. May 1st 34th/Sprng Gdn. Apr. 25th
My 21st @ 34th/Sprng Apr. 10th Deeko's April 2nd 34th / Spring Gdn. St Pattys
Trip to Canada 34th / Spring Gdn. St Mar 12th 34th / Spring Gdn. St Mar 10th
36th / Spring Gdn. St Feb 14th 34th and Powelton Feb 7th 33rd and Powelton Jan 12th
Sevada's New Years Cruise West Chester / Crossings 32nd and Powelton Jan 9th
34th / Spring Grdn Dec. 13th 32nd and Powelton Nov 15th 34th / Spring Grdn Nov. 14th
Summer St. Nov. 8th 37th / Spring Grdn Nov. 8th 34th / Spring Grdn Oct. 18th
Summer St. Oct 10th UC Oct 10th 32nd and Powelton Oct 10th
Penn Toga Party Oct 4th October 4th 32nd and Powelton Oct 3rd
Kappa Psi Oct. 2nd 32nd and Powelton Sept 27th 34th / Spring Grdn Sept. 20th
Campus Philly Summer St. May 30th Wildwood May 26th
Race St. Block Party May 24th Wildwood May 10th UC Apr. 26th
Ariel's May 17th 39th and Chestnut Luau Party
37th and Hamilton Apr. 18 Fundraiser Apr. 25th Summer St. Apr. 11th
PENN Spring Fling Night 2 Summer St. Apr. 26th Ariel's Apr. 11th
Jay and My Birthday PENN Spring Fling Night 1 Summer St. Apr. 5th Set 2
34th St. Apr. 4th Summer St. Apr. 5th Nick and Jay's Apr. 5th
March 13th 38th St. Mar 1st Summer St. Mar. 1st
38th St. Feb. 28th 34th / Powelton Feb. 22nd Next to Sev Feb. 8th
3401 Spring Garden Feb 7 Summer St. Jan. 25th USP Feb. 27th
34th St. Mar. 14th 33rd St. Mar. 14th UDEL Mar. 7th
38th St. / PENN Mar. 1st PENN Feb. 28th 32nd and Powelton
Trip to Temple 3401 Spring Garden 3633 Spring Garden
33?? Hamilton Oct. 25th Nick and Jay's October 2002